Make ADA Tray® Widget Your Own

Build a custom Accessibility Widget with our easy-to-use
ADA Tray® Customization Tool.

Learn How To Customize Your ADA Tray® Accessibility Widget

How do I get started with the ADA Tray® Widget Customization Tool?
Simply Login To My ADA Tray® Dashboard
  • Find your ADA Tray® login Username in your registered email Id.
  • Please reset your ADA Tray® Dashboard Password with the link mentioned in the same email.
Set Up Widget and Tray Position

Look for the "ADA Tray®" option under the "CMS" menu.

By using the ADA Tray® Configuration Tool you can:
  • Adjust your “Icon Position” to Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left or Bottom Right
  • Change your “Tray Position” to Top, Right or Left
  • Alter the “Widget Size” by entering the pixel value as needed.
You Have A Multiple Choice of Widget Icons

Scroll down and click on the "Select Circle" to choose your desired "Widget Icon" from the 20+ options.

Select WCAG Features You Want

Modify the Accessibility Feature Options to meet the user's accessibility needs by selecting the Enable/Disable button of the desired 30 + WCAG Features.

To check that the customization was successful, refresh your website and look for the
ADA Tray® widget built specifically to meet your accessibility requirements and preferences.

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